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US3 is a small new startup building a new product in the Financial Planning & Cost Allocation space.

Tracking project benefits and costs is hugely important. Effective benefits tracking can make the difference between project success and project failure. Spreadsheets are difficult to manage across a team and maintaining a single view of the truth is extremely time consuming and error prone. Reporting the costs & benefits by attribute is also important and viewing reports at the project level is essential.

US3 Benefits Analysis software is a new financal analysis and tracking tool to aid in your project management. Our product is designed to track benefits at the project level. Our cost allocation modelling is simple, yet powerful. You can use a single attribute or many attributes to fine tune reporting to items of interest. We can provide you a OLAP interface to build your reporting using Excel PowerPivot or any other tool you have.

US3 Benefits Analysis software is a service providing you the ability to allocate benefits & costs to better track your project performance and to provide reports to the people who need them the most. Our service runs either on premise or in our cloud cutting down on licencing costs.

Here are some reasons why you should consider US3 Benefits Analysis:

  • Provides a single view of the data always up to date. A single view of "the truth".
  • Auditing of changes to your data, so you know when data was changed and by whom, and you can undo the change
  • Access to reporting tools and the reporting data through 3rd party tools, like Excel PowerPivot
  • A simple and powerful allocation engine
  • Data is kept secure in a fully encrypted server. The only person that can see your data is you.

US3 Benefits Analysis software is being developed by people with many years of experience working at financial organisations. So we have a very good idea what your needs are already. But we would still appreciate your input in further developing our product. And, if you have any specific needs, than talk with our team and we will see what we can do to accomodate.


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